Our business goal and philosophy

The Company has a common goal from which all its business principles spring. This common goal isnít just the heart of its business it is the spirit of every Calico staff.

Let us find our own satisfaction in customerís full satisfaction so that every individual using our product is fully content and pleased from its different aspects. Let us seek our own growth in the growth of all our associates, whether it is our business partners or our customers, so that together we fulfill each otherís needs with unfailing sincerity and loyalty. Let us discover our prosperity in the prosperity of every individual relying on us however remotely, whether he is a hand providing his invaluable service or a consumer agreeing to use our produce.

Every decision of the management is inspired by this common vision shared by every individual in this group, whether it is on rendering new directions to business, or it is about managing effectively all corporate interests, or it relates to management of day today activities in different areas of company operations. In fact, the management has ensured that this vision seeps down to the lowest rungs of work force so that the every individual not only enthusiastically shares it with his comrades, but also reflects it in his every day routine work.

The group always strives to achieve its business vision by keeping every member of the work force conscious of it. In order to achieve this exploit, New Light Tannery uses a tri-lateral business philosophy. It is with the backing of this robust business philosophy that the group has managed to grow from one area of achievement to another.

Unmitigated customer satisfaction: The primary source of motivation for the company is the people it serves. The customers are the consumers of the company products, and also firms and organization that use the services of the company for meeting their business needs. Calico believes, its existence is meaningless without the support of these people because the people that agree to use company products or that provide services to the company are the people who are directly responsible for the companyís prosperity. The customer care system of the company springs from this fact. In fact, we strive to continually evolve in our pursuit of complete customer satisfaction.

Outstanding work culture: Yet another important facet of our business philosophy are the people within. Necessitated by the fact that the company does not compromise on the quality standards of its products, every member of the work force periodically goes through training processes to keep their skills honed. The personnel are trained in leather technology, updated with current fashion norms and loaded with new professional qualifications in new trends in technology. The company also has an elaborate employees welfare policy through which it implements different plans and schemes for the benefit of its employees. Because we know that passionate people create outstanding product.

Robust production set-up: A philosophy that exhibits the companyís enduring concern for quality is its belief in having a robust production infrastructure that meets industry standards. The infrastructure includes factory set up, modern tanneries consisting of modern machines imported from Italy, Germany etc. Another aspect of the infrastructure is the standardized business processes that have been widely accepted as standard norms. Besides, the company also recognizes the need of a strong research and development arm as a means to improve on quality. This R&D cell of the company has, from time to time, churned out new products beating old standards of quality and ease of use. Besides, we have conscientiously passed over any gains in economy of production to our customers, which has reflected in our unmatched product pricing.