Our customer care policy

Customer base: Limited but fully satisfied

The company philosophy of Unmitigated customer satisfaction has guided and motivated us to serve our customers with unflinching sincerity. From this loyalty to our customers stems our resolve to have a limited customer base, but a customer base that is satisfied with our products they use, services they avail of, communications they have and all experiences they undergo.

Calico endeavors in all its business activities to enjoy full customer satisfaction at every level. In fact, we believe that it is in our customerís growth and prosperity that we can find our own.

Facilitated Delivery: Online order tracking

In our quest to constantly improve our customerís experience with us, we have instituted an ordered delivery tracking system. Under this system just after an order is finalized the customer will be given a login ID and password for logging onto our Order Tracking System on the internet. During any point of time between order procurement and final delivery, the customer can know the exact status of his order.