Our commitment to quality

From its inception, Calico has set out to design and create leather products meeting all rigorous standards of quality. The group has two strong arms that further consolidate its position in its pursuit of providing superior quality products to its customers.

The Research and Development cell is managed by a highly qualified set of people trained from time to time in leather technology, and updated with modern fashion norms. Moreover, the group also has an elaborate in-house testing facility

The Quality Assurance cell ensures that the finished product follows all of its QA norms and goes through a stringent and comprehensive testing process for its physical and chemical properties so that every specification of the buyer is met with precision. Our QA norms pass the product through three layers of quality preconditions.

All Calico products are built to last. We utilize all means possible to have the end product as durable as possible from using finest raw materials to employing the best machinery.

From time to time, our R&D cell merges innovation with economy. As a result, we keep on improving our own standards of quality and affordability. We diligently pass over all new gains in economy of production to our customers.

All our leather products are designed to fit into specific work environments and perform above expectations. Whatever be the customer requirement in terms of functionalities, we can deliver.