The force behind

Every success story has a successful team behind it. Calico is a success story that has been nurtured, groomed and led by a proficient team of professionals. These professionals have garnered wide range of experience in diverse areas of business development as well as in different realms of leather industry.

The key members of this success team are:

Mr. Mohd. Ajmal: Mr. Ajmal is one of the pillars of strength for the group, who has led the group from one accomplishment to another. Starting at the young age of 14, he acquired unparalleled knowledge and expertise in raw hide. His able guidance has helped the company in maintaining high standards of quality, given that procurement of high quality raw material is one of the most important aspects of any manufacturing industry. Now with 45 years of robust experience in this field, he has earned a position of high standing in raw hide market.

Mr. Ahmad Ahsan: Mr Ahsan is yet another pillar of strength, who with his experience of 43 years has given comprehensive guidance to the company in the business of tanning. With his formidable business acumen he has ably set up as well as managed the manufacturing infrastructure of the group. He also heads the work force management division.

Mr. Rehan Ajmal: A qualified technician in footwear, Mr. Rehan Ajmal heads the business development division of the group. Within a short span of 15 years, he has built a strong worldwide marketing network for the group. He is a visionary leader, whose distinct insights have given an even stronger sense of direction to the group.

Mr. Farhan Ajmal: After acquiring professional qualification as a leather technician and a formal training in footwear, Mr. Farhan Ajmal has given 12 years of his service to the group. During this period, the group has witnessed rapid phases of development and expansion. The company has immensely benefited from the discerning outlook of a new generation that he has personified. Ever since his coming, the company’s production has witnessed steady growth.

Mr. Shahab Ahmad: A qualified leather technician who heads the production division of the company, Mr. Ahmad has been with this company since last 10 years. During this span of time he quickly picked up comprehensive expertise in leather end products so much so that he has been managing the quality control section with widely accepted proficiency.

Besides the above key people who form the basic pillars of strength for the company, the Calico is proud to have a work force that has always proved its mettle every now and then. Whether it is in meeting production demands or maintaining unmatched quality standards of the entire gamut of leather products under its roof, the work force has never failed to validate its dependability and its capability.

The company has a strong manpower training and development policy that has paid off over the years. This has been necessitated by the fact that the company does not compromise on the quality standards of its products. From time to time, every member of the work force has to goes through rigorous training that ensures which in turn ensures that stagnation is weeded out of the work force and every personnel continues honing his skills in his area of expertise.